Approach - Next Moves
Enabling change  

New concept in assisting top management:  
       orientation (board counseling) +
     advisory (light consulting)
Value proposition tailored by company type:  
mid-sized companies: business reinvention and top management guidance (access to top management consulting).
large companies: new business concepts in specific areas and reinforcement of internal teams.
A. Strategy and market analysis - to look at operational issues from a different perspective
B. Merging management and IT perspectives - to leverage the implementation of solutions

In brief: Low-risk innovative solutions
 Approach - New Moves
Achieving in-depth changes  

Strategic anticipation perspective:  
       capture of new opportunities
Development of new business designs:
New enterprise(s) creation/ launching
Beyond consulting, extended capabilities:
teams of promoters, investors, consultants, executives, legal advisors,...
team composition determined by the requirements of each project
In brief: Entrepreneurship,
Value creation partner
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